My husband and I were looking for a new and exciting way to give each other a relaxing massage. Something that would be fun, thrilling and satisfying. We heard about an exotic massaging oil called Nuru Gel. It’s a massaging oil like no other and that it could be very sensual. I was intialley skeptical about the product, but we decided to give it a try. I set the room up for an evening of romantic pampering. To our surprise, we discovered the smoothness and slipperiness of the massaging oil and how stimulating it felt.

I applied the product on my shag buddy. As the gel ran down his body, I started to massage his shoulders, back and worked my way down. We tried the body-to-body massage and realized that this product delivers a fun and sensational massaging experience. We enjoyed a new and exciting way to relax with massaging oil.

Winter Fun

My wife and I spent all tonight making a sled ramp for the kids to use when they wake up in the morning. We even sprayed water over the track to help boost them a little with speed. They have been complaining about not having any place to go sledding so we finally worked something out to let them have a little fun in the snow. I remember last year we got together with a bunch of friends from Leicester escorts and made a tubing track out behind the house and all of us adults had a blast. Of course there were drinks involved so we kind of went over board on the whole idea. Bill ended up making a jump at the end of the track which ended up spraining some ankles and wrists through out the night. Although it was painful for some we had a blast.

A couple of times in the summer time my fuck buddies and I love to face an ultimate challenge. In the past we have done many stimulating tasks such as conquering the rafting courses, wall climbing, archery and riding a ½ mile long zip wire. The zip wire was the best experience that I have had so far and it also was pretty scary. My heart was beating like crazy and I thought that it was going to come right through my chest.

In a couple of weeks we plan on attending the new tunnel crawl, which I think will be very exciting. We have to make our way through dark tunnel mazes underground to find our way out. The entire experience will last between 60 to 75 minutes depending on how long that it is going to take us. I told my friend with benefits that I hope we make it out alive!

I have had a fuck buddy for about 6 months and it is so funny because it was never planned to be this way for me. One night at the bar I met this hot looking guy and it just happened just like that! We both had an immediate attraction to each other and the flirting started the second that we met each other. I had just gotten out of a bad relationship and it couldn’t of happened at a better time for me.

This non-committed relationship is awesome because we can be intimate whenever and where ever that we want to be. My situation is very comforting because I can trust this person to talk to and share my feelings with. The only situation that I am having right now is that I think that I am starting to fall for him hard and I am quite sure that is not what he wants!